U Series Tillers

SHAKTIMAN U Series Rotary Tillers are specially designed for hobby farmers, vegetable growers, inter cultivation in orchards landscapers, nurseries, vineyards & gardens.

Most suitable for tilling soil for seed bed preparation, soil conditioning, fertilizer incorporation, weed control & land scrapping.

Available in working width 4 and 5 foot under light duty, 6 foot under medium duty, and 7 foot under heavy duty range.

Champion Series Tillers

Shaktiman Champion Series Rotary Tiller is the heaviest tiller among the Shaktiman tiller family. Its uniquely designed framework presents high-clearance between the frame and the blades. This facility enables the tiller to break up the hard and dense clod and lumps of soil which saves the possibility of jamming of tiller. Further due to the larger size of blades, thick and well-grounded crop residuals can also be chopped off and mixed in the soil easily and deeper tillage can be achieved.

This tiller ensures 3 functions at a time: faster tillage, savings in time and increase in productivity. All in all, quality components of this tiller ascertain more satisfaction with less maintenance.

Available in working width 8 and 10 foot under heavy duty range.

LMC Tiller

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